Our Story

Growing up in Pakistan, we always saw our mother tinkering with different recipes for our health and well-being. Her source of inspiration always came from her deep understanding of herbal and Ayurvedic solutions, using all-natural ingredients with healing power and strength-boosting properties. From her years of visits to a variety of integrative health clinics in Karachi and experimenting with a variety of concoctions, she ultimately landed on a simple yet powerful concoction that has been most effective in boosting her, as well as our immunity and help cope with various types of seasonal illness. She started sharing her concoction with other family members and her close friends and they all noticed a significant drop in the frequency of them getting sick during the flu season or having seasonal allergies. We searched in the market for various supplements that serve as immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidants, but we couldn’t find this blend anywhere. This was our EUREKA moment and led to the inception of “Amazing Blends” the Black Majoun.

Our Purpose:

Healthy communities, better world.

Our Mission:

To promote healthy living through savory blends made from all-natural herbs and superfoods.


To inspire health and wellness, one blend at a time.

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